The Right Engagement Ring

Tips For Getting A Great Wedding Band At A Great Price

Everything about getting married is expensive. First, there's an engagement ring to buy. Then, there's a wedding to pay for and the cost of a wedding band. If you've already spent a lot on your engagement, then you're probably hoping to save when it comes to your wedding. And, an easy way to save is to get a great deal on your wedding band. This is a ring that you'll be wearing forever, so you want it to be nice. Read More 

Every Piece Of Jewelry Tells A Story

The history of jewelry is fascinating; the evolution over time has seen some amazing changes. Self-decoration with jewelry has been practiced since the beginning of the human race. Every culture and race had some form of jewelry. The very earliest jewelry was made from organic and inorganic materials such as hair, feathers, leather, bones, wood, shells, minerals, and later, precious metals and gemstones. In ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, improvements in jewelry making led to a pivotal change in how jewelry was produced and what materials could be used with the new methods. Read More 

5 Tips For Wearing Bracelets Over Your Sleeves

One of the hip urban jewelry trends that seems to be emerging this fall is the look of bracelets placed over gloves or sleeves. While the big trend in urban jewelry is still to take risks and express yourself in your own way, there are a few general tips you should consider to pull this look off throughout the fall and winter.  Pair Your Jewelry and Fabrics Carefully The problem you will notice any time you layer fabric and jewelry is that the jewelry may snag on the fabric. Read More 

The Perfect Gift For Your Organic And Vintage Friend: What To Know

If you have someone in your life that likes to live naturally and appreciates a simpler life, and you're looking for the perfect gift, there are many great things you can give them that aren't cliché or commercialized. You don't have to give them something that you would typically find in a store, or something that doesn't go along with their organic practices and lifestyle. Here are a few of the great gift options you want to think about and look into when making your selection. Read More 

Earn Extra Cash By Hunting For And Selling Gold

Are you looking for some extra cash and aren't afraid of putting in a little effort to earn it? If you also enjoy the thrill of the hunt, then becoming a scrap gold seller can up your income and double as a lucrative hobby. The following guide can help you get started. Know where to look The most obvious place for most people to find scrap gold is their own jewelry box, where outdated jewelry, single earrings, and broken necklaces reside. Read More