The Perfect Gift For Your Organic And Vintage Friend: What To Know

If you have someone in your life that likes to live naturally and appreciates a simpler life, and you're looking for the perfect gift, there are many great things you can give them that aren't cliché or commercialized. You don't have to give them something that you would typically find in a store, or something that doesn't go along with their organic practices and lifestyle. Here are a few of the great gift options you want to think about and look into when making your selection.

Vintage Jewelry

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that is something not everyone else is going to have, and you want something that doesn't look commercialized, vintage styles are great. You can get any type of jewelry for both men and women, and it won't be something that the receiver will see on other people, or that they would find in a large department store. Something with natural metals and stones and with earth tones could be right for them. Check out brands like House of Harlow for ideas.


A plant that cleans the air in their home, that releases a positive or mood boosting scent, or even a rare plant from another country is a great organic gift. This is something that they can care for and nuture over time, and it won't get thrown out or dumped into a waste facility after time. This is something that can provide oxygen and sentiment in their home for years, instead of being used once or twice and tossed.

Organic Foods

Some organic coffee, tea, chocolates or other treats that come in recyclable or recycled packaging is an organic treat they can enjoy. There are many organic options from sweet desserts and treats, to organic seasonings, sauces and rubs they can savor. After the food is consumed they can dispose of the packaging responsibly if it's made of organic or recyclable products, and they'll appreciate that you gave them a gift that was good for their body and the environment.

It can be difficult to give a gift for someone who wants to be natural and organic, and not all gifts and products are environmentally friendly organic. Here are a few ways you can put a twist on traditional gifts in order to give them the perfect gifts that they want or need. Explore these options and more to give them a thoughtful gift they'll always remember.