5 Reasons To Surprise Your Girlfriend With A Diamond Necklace

Diamonds aren't just for engagement rings or wedding vow renewals. If you're dating someone special, surprising her with a diamond necklace is a classic, elegant way to show your affection. Here are five reasons why you should consider giving your significant other a necklace with diamonds. 1. Diamonds are a symbol of everlasting love A diamond necklace is a perfect way to tell your girlfriend that you plan on cherishing her forever. Read More 

5 Ways To Choose Wedding Earrings To Complement Your Diamond Ring

Many brides choose to wear diamond earrings on their wedding day. But which earrings should you choose? While this big fashion choice factors in many elements, don't overlook one important element: your engagement and wedding rings. How should your earrings complement your ring? Here are a few ways to consider. 1. Diamond Shape. Mirror the shape of the diamond centerpiece in your engagement ring. A round solitaire diamond pairs beautifully with a set of round stud earrings, for example, or a larger drop earring featuring one or more round gems. Read More 

What You Need To Know Once You Step Inside A Jewelry Store

If you're not used to shopping in an actual jewelry store, it's definitely different from buying something from an online sales site. Jewelry stores are more than just retail centers, and knowing what to expect when you start your search for a piece of fine jewelry will also help you locate a store that will fit your needs. Most Stores Do More Than Sell The sight you're greeted with when you enter a jewelry store is one of displays and jewelry for sale, but the jewelers on staff may also do repairs, resize rings, and design custom pieces. Read More