5 Ways To Choose Wedding Earrings To Complement Your Diamond Ring

Many brides choose to wear diamond earrings on their wedding day. But which earrings should you choose? While this big fashion choice factors in many elements, don't overlook one important element: your engagement and wedding rings. How should your earrings complement your ring? Here are a few ways to consider.

1. Diamond Shape. Mirror the shape of the diamond centerpiece in your engagement ring. A round solitaire diamond pairs beautifully with a set of round stud earrings, for example, or a larger drop earring featuring one or more round gems. 

2. Metal Color. What metal is your ring made from? Many brides prefer not to mix metals in their overall look, so that rose gold ring deserves a pair of rose gold-set earrings. Have a ring with more than one metal in the setting? This modern trend for engagement rings allows you more freedom to choose either metal for your earrings. However, don't mix and match the jewelry too much—stick with the metal in your earrings if you're wearing other additional jewelry. 

3. Gem Setting. The setting of the diamonds in your ring has a profound impact on its look. A halo setting is one of the most striking choices, and it sets a clear vibe that other jewelry can follow. Halo diamond studs or clusters would look fabulous with this ring. 

4. Diamond Color. Don't forget that diamonds do have different hues and shades. Although people often think of diamonds as clear and neutral in color, they actually come in a wide range of yellow, blue, pink, gray, and even black or brown varieties. Some of these variations can be subtle, but they will be exacerbated if you pair them with clashing jewelry. If you're unsure of the specifics of your diamond color, talk with a jeweler before shopping. 

5. Ring Style. Finally, look at the style, motifs, and era of your ring. Is it modern, art deco, vintage, floral, or asymmetrical? Look for ways to integrate these characteristics into your earrings as well. A vintage diamond in an unusual shape, for instance, makes the perfect companion for a pair of vintage earrings with the same general feeling even if they don't match the shape entirely.

Where to Start

Want help narrowing down your earring choices to fit with your engagement or wedding ring? Start by meeting with an experienced jeweler today. They will help you assess your ring and find the right set of parameters to find earrings that harmonize with it while never overshadowing or contrasting with it.