5 Tips For Wearing Bracelets Over Your Sleeves

One of the hip urban jewelry trends that seems to be emerging this fall is the look of bracelets placed over gloves or sleeves. While the big trend in urban jewelry is still to take risks and express yourself in your own way, there are a few general tips you should consider to pull this look off throughout the fall and winter. 

Pair Your Jewelry and Fabrics Carefully

The problem you will notice any time you layer fabric and jewelry is that the jewelry may snag on the fabric. To avoid this, it is important to carefully pair your fabrics and jewelry. For example, if you want to wear a delicate, more intricate piece of jewelry, you should pair it with a smooth fabric such as a satin or silk. For rough fabrics that have more prominent threads that can be easily caught, you should opt for a larger, simple bangle or cuff. 

Avoid Jewelry With Rough Edges 

Whether you are opting for intricate or simple, it is important that you opt for high-quality jewelry with smooth edges. If your jewelry has any rough edges you risk snagging it on any type of fabric. 

Opt for Easily Removable Jewelry

In most cases, you will have to remove your jewelry in order to remove the clothing underneath it. For this reason, it is important to opt for easily removable jewelry such as cuffs or bangles. Avoid jewelry with clasps or toggles. This will make it much easier to remove your gloves or arm warmers when you are inside. 

Move the Location of Your Jewelry

If you do not want to remove your jewelry throughout the day and you want a more unique look, consider moving your jewelry up your arm. Just above your elbow or on your bicep are two areas where you can successfully sport a cuff this season. 

Opt for Fingerless Gloves 

To reduce the number of times you will have to remove your jewelry, you should look for ways to increase your use of your fingers while keeping your gloves or arm warmers on. Fingerless gloves are a good option, as are glittens (glove-mittens). Alternatively, you can opt for specialized smart gloves that have conductive fingertips and can be used with touchscreens such as your smartphone or tablet. 

These basic rules will get you started with wearing jewelry over your clothing. However, it is up to you to personalize the trend with your own style. For more information, talk to a professional like House of Urban.