Ready to Purchase an Engagement Ring? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

If you are getting ready to purchase an engagement ring, the process will go a lot smoother if you know what need. When it comes to knowing what you need, make sure you have an answer to the four questions below before you start shopping for an engagement ring.

#1: How Wide Do You Want the Band?

First, you need to determine how wide you want the band to be. The width of the band has a real impact on the overall fit and durability of the ring. If the band is too thick, it will impact the comfort of the ring on your hand. If the band is too thin, it will not stand up over time. The width of the band can also impact the band's ability to hold certain stones.

#2: How High Should the Stone Sit?

Second, you need to think about how the stones will sit on the set. You want the stones to sit in a way that will not negatively impact one's life. For example, if the stone is too tall, it could get caught on things, which is not only annoying but could result in damage to the stone. If the stone is too tall, it could also injure whoever is wearing the stone. You want the stone to sit in a way that will not get in the way of the individual wearing the stone.

#3: Is This a Standalone or Part of a Set?

Third, you need to know if you are planning on just having an engagement ring, or if you plan on pairing it with a wedding band. Some people use the engagement ring for the wedding band, and others like to pair a simple band with the engagement ring. You need to know how the ring will be worn to ensure it is designed correctly.

#4: Do You Want Any Engravings?

Finally, you need to determine if you want any engravings on the ring. If you want the ring engraved, make sure the piece you choose can handle an engraving. Initials, dates, and short personal messages are often engraved on the inside of engagement and wedding bands, although you can have this information engraved on the outside of the band as well.

Having an answer to these questions should help guide you towards the right ring. For more information, contact jewelers that provide A. Jaffe jewelry designer ring options.