Seven Features You Can Choose When You Order Custom Wedding Rings

Opting for custom wedding rings when you get married is a great way to have more control over the look of your wedding rings. Wedding rings are a central feature of the wedding ceremony, so choosing a pair that best suits your preferences is important for making your wedding day the best it can be.

There are quite a few features you can decide on when you opt to purchase custom wedding rings. The following are seven features you can choose when you order custom wedding rings. 

The metal your wedding rings are made of

In the past, almost all wedding bands out there were made from gold. These days, there are numerous metals that can be used to make wedding bands.

Metals you can consider for your wedding bands include gold, silver, titanium, platinum, tungsten, and more.

The finish on the metal you choose

You can choose a unique finish for your custom wedding ring. When you are making decisions about your custom wedding ring design, you should familiarize yourself with the look of polished, hammered, pebbled, and satin finishes. This way, you can choose the best finish option for your unique preferences.

The number of materials used in your wedding ring design

When you're having a custom wedding ring made, you aren't limited to choosing only one material from which your ring will be made. You have the option of choosing multiple materials. You can choose a combination of gold and silver or between gold and another metal, such as titanium.

In addition to combining two metals, you can also choose two tones of a particular metal for your wedding ring design. 

The engraving on your wedding rings

Having an engraving in your wedding rings is one of the best ways to personalize them. Engravings can put a unique message in your wedding bands and commemorate the date of your wedding. 

The gemstone settings on your wedding rings

Some couples decide that they don't want wedding band designs that consist of only metals. Having gemstones inlaid in your wedding band is always an option when you have custom wedding rings made. 

The similarities between your wedding ring and your spouse's wedding ring

Wedding band sets usually consist of a pair of identical wedding rings. When you choose custom wedding rings, you don't have to have two similar rings produced. Instead, you and your spouse can each choose a wedding band with a unique style. 

The cost of your wedding rings

You may enjoy more control over the costs of your wedding rings when you choose to have custom wedding rings made. Since you can choose to have your wedding rings made of more affordable metals, you can save money on wedding rings that have a custom design. 

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