Jewelry Ideas To Show Your Love For Texas

Making your own silver jewelry is quite the craft. It gives you the opportunity to create pieces that you love and that are truly meaningful to you. If you love the state of Texas, then it probably won't be long before you make a few pendants or charms shaped like this big state. But there are plenty of other shapes and symbols that can similarly show your Texas love. Here are a few ideas to consider.

A Rose

There's a classic folk song called The Yellow Rose of Texas. It has been performed by many different musicians over the years, including Elvis Presley and Willie Nelson. If you enjoy this song and the state it's written about, then making jewelry in the shape of a rose is a great idea. Roses are versatile and widely renowned for their beauty, so this symbol whispers "I love Texas" rather than yelling it.

A Star

Texas is known as the Lone Star state, and the single white star sits proudly on the state's flag. Jewelry with a single star can show your love for Texas. Imagine a necklace with a single star pendant or a bracelet with a silver star dangling from it.

A Bat

A bat may seem like a strange option for jewelry. However, Austin, Texas is home to the largest urban bat colony in the world. Up to 1.5 million bats live in the Congress Avenue Bridge! Creating a silver necklace with a bat dangling from it would surely be a unique way to show your love for Texas, and also your love for offbeat facts. If someone in your life loves bats and Texas, this would be the perfect gift.

Longhorn Cattle

Longhorn cattle are really popular in Texas. Some of the big ranches have thousands of them. If you need an idea for more rugged jewelry, perhaps for a man, then a pendant with a longhorn steer's head on it would be a great choice. The prominent horns will immediately give off a Texas vibe.

A Kidney Bean

In Texas, few foods are more beloved than chili. And chili would not be chili without red kidney beans! So, a necklace with a kidney bean pendant would surely say "I love Texas" in a way all foodies can relate to.

Creating your own silver jewelry is so much fun when you get to be creative! Turn these ideas into reality that you can wear around your neck. Visit a jewelry store to see more Texas handcrafted silver jewelry