Antiques Items That May Have Gold In Them

The use of gold today is often limited to jewelry and coins, but back in the day, the use of gold expanded to many other items. As you go through attics, estates, and antiques, know exactly what to look for as you seek out gold you could exchange for cash.

Follow this guide to learn about antique items with gold and how to get cash from a gold exchange shop.

Cigarette Cases

Before disposable cigarette packs became the norm, people would often carry loose cigarettes inside a metal case. For those with extra income, a gold cigarette case provided high-quality storage. The cases vary, and a gold exchange could tell you the exact materials, but if you find a gold cigarette case, it could be solid gold or a gold plated design.

To have a better idea, check out the inside of the case. If the inside is fully gold, then chances are that you have a case will all gold intact.

Gold Pens

A sign of high status was the use of a gold pen. Often used by business workers, a gold pen includes a solid gold shell with the ink components stored inside. As you browse through antique items, you may find different styles of gold pens. For example, a pen could have solid gold bands across the middle or near the tip of the pen.

Many of these pens can easily come apart to separate the gold elements from the rest of the pen. From there, you can visit a gold exchange shop to figure out the quality of gold and exactly how much you have.

Picture Frames

Pictures would be elevated and displayed with extravagant gold frames. The gold was shaped and formed to create elegant frames. Today's frames are often painted with gold to replicate the look of this antique design. You can often tell a solid gold frame by its weight. The frames are very heavy when they are made with solid gold


Oddly, gold was once one of the main precious metals used to craft the frames for glasses. Many times, you couldn't see the gold from just looking at the glasses because the gold was filled on the inside of the frames. One of the easiest ways to tell if a pair of glasses contains gold is to check out the nose pads.

Solid gold nose pads were used to sit on the nose and provide comfort when the glasses were worn.

You never know what you will find when searching through old items, and a gold shop exchange will help you turn the old gold into cash.