3 Tips To Keep Your Designer Watches In Excellent Condition

If you want to add a little sparkle to your wardrobe, you may be thinking about adding a designer watch or two to your ensemble. While gorgeous timepieces can add a great deal of value to your outfit, they can also be nerve-wracking to wear, especially if you don't have a great track record of keeping your items in decent condition. Here are three tips to keep your designer watches damage-free so you can continue to enjoy them. 

1. Know Their Limits

Before you buy or start wearing a watch, learn more about its limits. Find out how much water it can be submerged under, whether or not the screen is scratch-resistant, and how strong the band and metal casing is. If the watch is designed to be worn in sports situations, you can rest assured that it is durable enough to wear during your everyday life. However, if the watch is strictly ornamental, you may need to be more careful. 

2. Store Watches Appropriately

Watches can become scratched or damaged if they aren't stored appropriately, so think carefully about where you want to keep your timepiece when you aren't wearing it. Instead of tossing it on your nightstand or leaving it on the bathroom counter, put watches in a safe place, like a jewelry box. Consider using the dust cover the watch came with to further protect it from damage, and be mindful of where you leave the watch. Keep it out of reach of children and pets, who may be curious about the shiny dial or interesting band. 

3. Have Routine Professional Checkups

Even with excellent at-home care, designer watches can become damaged from time to time. Since it can be tricky to spot damage, bring your watch in for professional inspections and repair occasionally. Have things like crystals and watch batteries replaced if they need them, and have clasps and closured repaired when they start being tougher to open.

Always work with a professional who has experience managing the type of watch you have, since some timepieces are easier to fix than others. After you find a great jeweler, return at a regular interval to have your watches inspected and repaired properly. 

While it may be intimidating to invest in designer watches, doing what you can to keep your investment in good shape can significantly boost your ability to wear your timepiece confidently. Keep track of your watch and focus on keeping it in good shape to prevent problems in the long run.