Moldavite: What You Need To Know About The Earth-Green Jewelry From Space

If you love jewelry and you love the color green, then you may have a hard time passing up beautiful moldavite jewelry. While adored for its beauty alone, there is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to this "jewel from space." Read on to find out why moldavite jewelry is special and ways you can incorporate it into your wardrobe after you have fallen in love with not only its beauty, but also its amazing story. 

The Origins of Moldavite

Unlike most crystals that come from the earth, moldavite is believed to have come from outer space. It is a tektite, which is a classification given to stones that were once part of meteorites that either struck the Earth or fell to the Earth when the meteorite was close to it. There are only 7 tektites currently known.

Most moldavite has been found in or near the Czech Republic, and the stones are believed to be over 14 million years old. 

Spiritual Meaning

As with other crystals and stones, there are many people who believe that moldavite jewelry has an spiritual influence over the wearer. Some believe it to be a protective stone that stimulates the heart chakra and helps the wearer connect with higher spirits. 

When used in crystal healing, it is believed to help people who suffer from hair loss or infertility and help with with new cell growth. 

About Moldavite Jewelry

Most moldavite jewelry pieces today are made with stones under 20 grams, as larger pieces are becoming more and more rare. As no two moldavite stones are alike, each differs in texture and color. Some have more ridges and ripples, while others are slightly smoother to the touch. However, all have some texture to them. 

While all moldavite is green, you can find pieces that have several tones of green in them. Some stones mainly have a dark, hunter-green look to them others have a combination of dark and light green patches. You can even find stones with patches of neon green. 

Although a rare stone, you can find moldavite jewelry available, and with the stone's beautiful green, translucent appearance, it works well with many ensembles. Moldavite pendants are very popular, as well as rings that showcase the stone. There are pieces available for men, women, and children, so everyone in the family can wear a little beautiful token of space. 

While many jewelry pieces have stories behind them, moldavite has a story unlike any other piece of jewelry you will likely ever wear. Its rich history along with its beautiful color and texture are why it is coveted by so many.