Purchasing an Affordable Antique Ring: What You Should Know

Do you want to ask your partner to marry you and present an antique ring that won't break your wallet? You may be able to find an antique engagement ring at an affordable price by visiting an estate sale or jewelry store, but you should also be wise about the stones and metal used. Below, learn how to get a nice antique engagement ring for your partner when you don't have a lot of money to spend on it.

What is the Best Way to Purchase an Affordable Antique Ring?

Going to estate sales is a great way to stumble upon antique jewelry that is not marked at a high price. Estate sales are ideal because they are usually hosted as a way to quickly get rid of someone's property so the money can be used for debts or distributed to beneficiaries. There is no guarantee that you will find antique jewelry that can be used as an engagement ring at an estate sale, but it is worth the effort of looking. You can also try to talk the estate sale host down on the price if you find an antique ring that is overpriced.

How Can Someone Get an Affordable Ring without Visiting an Estate Sale?

If you visit a jewelry dealer to purchase an antique ring, make sure that it has stones that are not highly valuable. For instance, rather than opting for an antique ring that has diamonds in it, you can opt for cubic zirconia stones. The great thing about cubic zirconia stones is that they are man-made diamonds that look just as good as natural stones, but without the big price attached. You can also get the stones in multiple different colors.

Is There a Particular Type of Metal to Consider?

If you want an affordable ring that is constructed out of real gold, you should opt for one that is plated with it instead to save money. The ring will have pure gold on the surface of silver. The only thing about gold-plated rings is that the gold can wear off with time. However, your partner will still have a silver band if the gold wears off. Silver will last forever and can be polished if it begins to tarnish.

Don't waste time worrying about how you will be able to afford an antique engagement ring. Visit an estate sale or jewelry dealer to find out what you can get on your budget!